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This homepage was created to give new math teachers ideas and suggestions to help with their teaching. Even though I've been teaching for more than thirty years, I do not have all the answers. My first advice to anyone starting in teaching is to be careful of those who claim they know the perfect method of teaching. Teaching is an on-going learning experience. You must keep a balance between teaching skills, concepts, and problem solving. Children learn mathematics in different ways and at different rates.You will be asked to try new approaches, new technology, and embrace one or many philosophies of teaching. What you need to remember is what is most important: You, the teacher. The way you deliver your lesson involves all of you and the connections you make with your students. Your honesty, the passion for your subject, the climate you create, and the caring that you communicate are the elements that truly carry your lesson. These are the elements that are most remembered by your students. Also, never forget that when you take time to see math as your students see it, you will become a better math teacher. This is true for any subject you teach! It is time in education that we focus on the qualities of good teachers and not just good programs or fancy technology.

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I dedicate this homepage to six teachers who changed my life. From junior high school, Dr. Terence Garner, my 8th and 9th grade English teacher, now retired. He and his wife Beth took me under their wing when I was a newly-arrived refugee from Cuba and taught me that a good education can make a difference. Also from junior high school and high school: Mr. Castaldi, Mr. Bivens and Ms. Mary Sullivan, all Dade County School math teachers from Miami, Florida. They taught me to love mathematics. From Barry University, my mathematics professor Sr. Paul James Villemure, OP. Her love and dedication for teaching and for her students radiated through every lesson. From SUNY Cortland, where I obtained my Master's in Reading, Dr. Larry Bell, who taught me the importance of reading in the content area of math. These are the teachers students never forget. All my life I've tried to make a difference for my students the way they made a difference for me.

I also want to thank Professor
Dani Novak of Ithaca College for being the first person to encourage me to make a web page. Also, Professor Avery Solomon, formerly of Cornell University who encouraged me to publish my problem solving collection which later became my two workbooks Math Ties. It's been many years since this homepage was online. Due to the death of my late husband and later a problem with my server, the homepage was unable to be online for about five years. Now, that I'm recently retired I want to devote more time to helping other teachers. Thanks for all the e-mails and support received from teachers all over the world who have taken the time to write and seek advice. For comments or suggestions, please write Terri Husted. I will write you back. You can also write me in Spanish.

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